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Services: interior design, reforms and kitchens.

I have always felt great love for design, fashion and beautiful things!


When I first started in the fashion industry; where I worked for many years with an Austrian designer; I focused mainly on handbags, complements and jewelry. This gave me the opportunity to travel all around the world to exotic locations supervising the production of these luxury items.


I soon moved on to interior design, working for the well-known German brand GUNTER LAMBERT, and this became my passion.


Having worked in the Costa del Sol area for many years, I have a full knowledge of all the best professionals in the business. Over the last years I have collaborated with many different professionals in the field, from architects, to interior Designers. I enjoy most of all the challenge of creating something new from scratch every time I commence a new project.


I like to get to know my clients and establish a personal relationship with them and dedicate as much time as necessary to each project to ensure the success and results I expect.

So if you just need to find new curtains, or want to redecorate a room or completely decorate a new home or office, I will help you to create the ambience you desire. This entails you throughout the process from beginning to end to ensure your satisfaction, contacting the best professionals and seeking out the best materials.


Due to my German upbringing, I am impeccable to detail and have an excellent reputation to keep time schedule and to budget. So please feel free to contact me at my Puerto Banus office, to discuss your needs. I am fluent in German, Spanish and English.


I will love to listen to your ideas, looking forward meeting you soon,




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